About The Wax Bar

About The Wax Bar

Origin in 2011

On June 15, 2011, we opened the first store of The Wax Bar in the Netherlands in Rotterdam. Everyone can come to us for professional hair removal treatments. Wax treatments are often offered as an extra service by beauticians. We offer these hair removal treatments exclusively and guarantee speed, hygiene, comfort and quality. Did you know that in Asia, North and South America, but also close to home in England, a smooth body is very normal for men and women? The concept of a Wax Bar has been an integral part of the street scene for years now.

Our idea of ​​The Wax Bar originated in Singapore. In this progressive metropolis, physical care was highly professionalized and the removal of unwanted hair is an important part of this. After we had also looked at the concept in London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco, we thought it was time to introduce The Wax Bar to the Netherlands.

Why The Wax Bar?

Our Wax Technicians (Wax Tecs) from The Wax Bar are trained by The Wax Bar's Trainers with years of experience. Because we use a unique The Wax Bar Supreme Wax, we ensure that the skin stays smoother for longer and becomes less irritated. In addition, by using this highest quality wax and specialized technique, the treatment is considerably less painful than with old-fashioned waxing techniques.



Our mission
We give people confidence! When you as a customer experience the result of treatment, it gives you a confident feeling. You feel more beautiful, cleaner, sexier in short: confident!

Our core values
Our core values ​​form the identity of our organization. Despite the diversity among our colleagues, they have a number of core values ​​in common. This ensures that we can recruit new people better. In addition, the common core values ​​ensure that you, as a customer, experience the experience of The Wax Bar.

“Our core values ​​are: Positivity, Comfortability, Confidence, Innovativity, No Nonsense.”

Our brand promises
We promise to all our customers that every treatment is carried out with Hygiene, Speed, Quality and Comfort. Every customer can address us here about our brand promises. We are also open to feedback because feedback ensures progress. Read in our promises to you! more about our brand promises.

Our wax treatments
We offer a wide choice of treatments for women and men. A treatment lasts between 5 and 40 minutes and is extremely hygienic. You will be put at ease and our Customer Support is always available by phone or email.

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