Many of our treatments can also be booked together in the form of a package. This allows you to do multiple treatments at a lower price.

Lower Leg + Brazilian Wax
Waxing the lower legs and the Brazilian incl. Bottomline (buttock seam)

€ 77,50

Full Leg + Bikini Wax
Waxing the entire legs and pubic area outside your bikini bottom

€ 80,50

Full Leg + Brazilian Wax
Waxing of the whole legs and Brazilian incl. Bottomline (buttock seam)                                                   

€ 92,50

benen E en I 2

Bottom + Bottomline Wax
Waxing the entire buttocks and buttock seam

€ 37,50

Chest + Belly + Male Brazilian Wax
Waxing the whole chest (excl. shoulders), the abdomen and Brazilian incl. Bottomline (buttock seam)


Full Leg + Male Brazilian Wax
Waxing the whole legs and the Brazilian incl. Bottomline (buttock seam) for men


Chest + Belly + Full Leg + Brazilian + Arm Pits + Arms + Back
Waxing the chest, abdomen, whole legs, Brazilian incl. Bottomline (buttock seam), armpits, full arms and back (excl. neck)


Neck + Chest + Belly + Arm Pits + Arms + Brazilian + Full Legs + Hands + Feet + Back + Bottom
Waxing everything from under the chin to the toes


huub oksel

Chin + Upper Lip + Cheek + Jaw Line + Brows (clean-up)
Waxing the whole face (incl. eyebrows)

€ 61,00

Jaw Line + Chin + Cheek + Upper Lip
Waxing the bottom of the face

€ 44,50

Brazilian + Lower Leg + Arm Pits
Waxing the lower legs, armpits and Brazilian incl. Bottomline (buttock seam)


 Chest + Belly + Back
Waxing the chest, abdomen and entire back (excl. shoulders)


Back Pack
Waxing the back from above the buttocks to the neck and shoulders to the bottom of the sleeves of your t-shirt

€ 62,50