Waxing is our speciality. Thanks to years of experience, our Wax Technicians can perform all desired treatments. That is why you can come to us for all body parts. Our menu is very extensive. Still unsure about which treatment is best for you? Please contact our colleagues from Customer Support.

Upper Body

Belly Line Wax
Waxing the line below the navel

€ 13,50

Back Wax
Waxing from the entire back to the neck (excl. shoulders)


Shoulder Wax
Waxing the shoulder on the front and back without the arm part under the T-shirt sleeve


Armpits Wax
Waxing the armpits


Arm Wax
Waxing whole arms


Belly Wax
Waxing the belly


Chest Wax
Waxing the chest (excl. shoulders)


Upper Arm Wax
Wax the upper arms incl. shoulders and elbows


Lower Arm Wax
Waxing the bottom of the arms incl. elbows


Partial Back Wax
Waxing area of your choice the size of ¼ of the back


Upper Back Wax
Waxing the upper half of the back up to the neck (excl. shoulders)


Lower Back Wax
Waxing the bottom of the back


Nipple Wax
Waxing the nipples


Hand Wax
Waxing from the hands to the wrist


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wax drop

Lower Body

Semi Bottom
Waxing part of the side or bottom of the buttock next to the buttock seam


Male Brazilian Wax
Waxing the male pubic area incl. Bottomline (buttock seam)


Bikini Wax
Waxing the pubic area (front) outside the bikini bottom (excl. Bottomline) (buttock seam)


Bottom Line
Waxing the buttocks


Brazilian Wax
Waxing of the pubic area incl. Bottomline (buttock seam)


Bottom Wax
Waxing the entire buttocks without the Bottomline (buttock seam)


Partial Leg Wax
Waxing ¼ of the legs (front or back of the thighs or the front or back of the lower legs)


Toe Wax
Waxing the toes


Feet Wax
Waxing from the feet to the ankle incl. Toe Wax (toes)


Lower Leg
Waxing the lower legs incl. knees


Upper Leg
Waxing the thighs incl. knees


Male Leg Wax
Waxing the whole man's legs


Full Leg Wax
Waxing the whole legs


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Brow Wax
(Clean-up, no shaping)

Waxing the eyebrows remove unnecessary hair without shaping the eyebrow


Jaw Line Wax
Waxing the jawline


Neck Wax
Waxing the neck


Upper Lip Wax
Waxing the upper lip


Cheek Wax
Waxing the cheeks


Chin Wax
Waxing the chin


Ear Wax
Waxing the inside of the ears


Monobrow Wax
Waxing the part between the eyebrows


Nose Wax
Waxing the inside of the nose