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Do you regularly visit The Wax Bar for a treatment? Then Wax Deals may be exactly what you need. With a Wax Deal you not only benefit from regular wax treatments, but you also save money!

How do our Wax Deals work?

The Wax Bar offers Wax Deals in the form of a credit on your personal account. You then pay for your treatments and products with your credit. With the Wax Deals of The Wax Bar, there is therefore no question of a monthly continuous subscription.

Benefits of a Wax Deal

  • Valid for 2 years
  • Receive free products once
  • Your credit can be spent on all treatments and products
  • You get more treatments for your money
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Standard deal

GOOD DEAL: Pay 200 euro and get 225 euro credit on your account + 1 free product of choice.

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Medium deal

BETTER DEAL: Pay 350 euro and get 400 euro credit on your account + 2 free products of choice.

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Standaard wax abonnement

Luxury deal

BEST DEAL: Pay 500 euro and get 600 euro credit on your account + 2 free products of choice.

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Why take a Wax Deal?

Taking out a Wax Deal not only has financial benefits, it has a very positive effect on the hair grow cycle. As we see it at The Wax Bar, waxing is not a one-time thing, but a lifestyle. Waxing regularly (every 4 to 6 weeks) can help improve the hair growth cycle.