Spring, spring, spring... it's great to have you back!

March 21st is the day that spring has started again. For many people, spring is the season they long for after the beautiful and often cold, wet winter. In the spring it is increasingly common that we wear clothes that show our beautiful skin.

Not only is a smooth one a hygienic and comfortable choice, you can also feel a lot more confident and feel comfortable in your own skin. That is why waxing certain body parts is a real godsend for many.

Regular waxing is a lifestyle

He or she who regularly gets waxed at a professional wax salon such as The Wax Bar can confirm this; regular waxing is a lifestyle. With waxing it is like this: the more often you do it, the softer the hairs come back. This breaks the hair growth cycle and you will notice that the hairs grow back as stiff, hard hairs. This is of course a shame!

Less skin irritation and rash

Furthermore, maintaining a waxing routine also has the advantage that you let your skin renounce razor blades all year round. Razor blades can be very sharp and irritating to the skin, so there is a risk of skin and shaving irritation, but also a rash. You can prevent this by waxing regularly. Another advantage of regular waxing that not many people know is that waxing can also be good for removing dead skin cells. After every wax treatment, the dead skin cells will be removed, your skin can revive entirely and make room for new and healthy skin cells.

Soft skin with our care products

Not only does the wax provide a smooth and healthy look. The care products of The Wax Bar can also contribute to this, such as our caring Coconut Balm Care or Organic Shea Butter. Apply this after a wax treatment for soft, supple and well-groomed skin. Ask one of our wax specialists if you want to know more about our care products.