Cheek Wax

Cheek Wax

Cheeks waxing

Are you bothered by the hair growth on your cheeks? Have them waxed now at The Wax Bar! By choosing to wax and not to shave, you give yourself smooth cheeks and clean skin. This treatment is short-lived so you can be outside again with a fantastic result!

Strip Wax or Hot Wax

Waxing the face using hot wax does not hurt at all. That's because at The Wax Bar we use our own unique Supreme Hot Wax. Unlike waxing using strips, hot waxing hurts a lot less. The difference between using strip wax and hot waxing is that the strip wax adheres to both the hair and the skin, putting stress on the skin. With hot waxing, the wax only adheres to the hair. As a result, it hurts much less when you have your face hot waxed and you burden your facial skin less with a hot wax treatment than if you choose to strip wax.

Waxing cheeks at The Wax Bar

It can be dangerous if you start depilating your face yourself. Therefore, do not start waxing your face yourself, but opt ​​for an optimal result for a facial wax that is provided by a professional at The Wax Bar. The Wax Bar can be found in various locations across the country. Will we see you soon?