Toe Wax

Toe Wax

Waxing toes

Most people have some hair on their toes, and some have it too. By having a professional treatment done at The Wax Bar, you don't have to pay attention to it yourself and you also have a nice smooth and fresh result. The hairs stay away longer than when you shave them and you don't get stubble when the hairs grow back.

Strip Wax or Hot Wax

If you choose to have your toes waxed using hot wax, you will have a nicer, smoother and fresher result. At The Wax Bar, you will experience that waxing the toes is a lot less painful than expected. Old-fashioned strip wax treatment is much more painful because old wax is used, which not only sticks to the hair but also to the skin. The hot wax from The Wax Bar only adheres to the hair, so that your skin has much less to endure.

Waxing toes at The Wax Bar

If you want to get your toes waxed, The Wax Bar is the right place. This is because we only work with professionals. We provide training for our employees ourselves, so we can be sure that your legs get the attention they deserve. The Wax Bar can also be found in various places, so there is always a location near you.