Upper Arm Wax

Waxing Upper Arms

Do you want to have your arms waxed but prefer to focus on your upper arms? Now you can! The Wax Bar is happy to assist with waxing your upper arms for fantastic results. The hair is removed from your shoulder to your elbow during an upper arm waxing treatment. After this quick procedure, your skin will be smooth, clean, and hair-free.

Upper Arm Waxing or Hair Removal with Wax

Do you have experience waxing your arms? Don't be mistaken because waxing is not the same as using traditional wax. Waxing your skin offers several advantages over traditional methods:

  • A wax treatment is less painful. When you wax your arms, you'll notice that this treatment is much less painful. This is because the wax adheres only to the hair, while traditional methods also stick to the skin.
  • Hard wax provides better grip on the hair. This ensures optimal results, with hair being perfectly removed.
  • Waxing is quicker. The warmth of the wax can make the process more comfortable, opening up your pores for easier hair removal, making the process faster!

Upper Arm Waxing at The Wax Bar

At The Wax Bar, we work with professionally trained Wax Technicians who ensure that your upper arm hair removal treatment is as pleasant as possible. With a total of five locations, there's always a place near you. Check out all our packages and waxing deals!