Dry Oil

Desert Date Dry Oil | €17,50

Our Dry Oil is extremely suitable for softening and repairing (extremely) dry and/or damaged skin. The skin absorbs the Dry Oil quickly and penetrates deeply into the skin. This ensures that your skin does not feel extra greasy or sticky after use. The earthy scent dissipates quickly, but the great effect of this product remains.

Your hair, scalp and cuticles can also benefit a lot from a Dry Oil. For example, you can mix a little oil with your favourite shampoo to restore dry and/or damaged locks. By massaging a drop of oil around your cuticles every evening, they are soft, healthy and strong again. In short: the perfect oil for skin and hair.

The Dry Oil consists of cold-pressed seeds of the date palm is 100% organic and rich in essential fatty acids.

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