I am not a bear package

I am not a bear package

Full Body Wax

Do you want a smooth and fresh feeling all over your body without being bothered by red bumps and stubble? With a Full Body Wax, you are freed from all body hair in a short time and you enjoy smooth skin. We wax everything from under the chin to the toes in one treatment.

What is a Full Body Wax?

During a Full Body Wax, we wax your entire body from neck down. In other words: your chest, abdomen, back, legs, pubic area, armpits and arms receive a professional wax treatment. Of course, you can always choose not to have body parts waxed or to add them to your treatment, such as waxing the eyebrows or the upper lip.

Why Full Body Waxing?

After a wax treatment, your hair will stay away for at least two weeks. After four to six weeks, you can schedule another Full Body Wax treatment. Full Body Waxing can be pleasant for you, because unlike shaving and waxing your body, you will suffer much less from red bumps and irritated skin. After a treatment, take good care of your body with our care products, such as our Aleppo Soap or Coconut Balm Care and enjoy an optimal wax result. For example, a Full Body Wax is ideal if you go on holiday in the summer.