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Waxing: The Wax Bar explains!

According to the Van Dale, the meaning of waxing is: treating with wax (e.g. waxing skis); or depilating with wax (eg depilate legs with wax). When we talk about the meaning of waxing at The Wax Bar, we are referring to the second point: depilation with wax.

Origin of waxing

Body hair waxing became popular in the 1960s. Because waxing was experienced as painful, the beauty industry introduced shaving cream in the 1980s. In addition to depilating the armpits and legs, women increasingly also removed pubic hair. A beauty salon in New York made Brazilian Wax popular in response to this trend. Since then, waxing body hair has become an indispensable method of depilation of the body.

Waxing: this is how we work

Waxing is a method of removing unwanted body hair. A Wax Technician heats the wax in the heather. This causes the wax to melt from granules into a liquid substance. After the skin is cleaned and oiled by our Wax Technicians, the wax is applied to the skin. This is done with a spatula, whereby the spatula is never used more than once for hygiene reasons.

The warm wax then cools down on the skin and clings to the hairs. Once the wax has cooled sufficiently, the Wax Technician removes the wax with a quick movement, leaving the skin free of hair.

Do you choose to wax?

The wax from The Wax Bar is a unique wax with a beautiful result. The wax from The Wax Bar has been specially developed for every skin type, including sensitive and allergic skin. Will we see you soon at The Wax Bar?