Removing facial hair: how do you do it?

Quickly and effectively remove your facial hair? Which can. The Wax Bar offers various facial hair removal treatments for both women and men. We tell you below how this works, what it costs and which places you can wax.

Remove facial hair woman

We offer different facial treatments for women. No idea where to start? No problem. We have listed all our treatments for you:

  • Upper Lip Wax: If you are bothered by the hair on and around your upper lip, we can remove it professionally.
  • Brow Wax: With this treatment, excess hairs around your natural eyebrows are removed. Want to Brow Shape? That is also possible. Together we look at which shape best suits your face. This way the eyebrows get beautiful and sharp edges.
  • Ear Wax: Are you bothered by hairs in your ears? With our wax treatment, you can get rid of it in no time.
  • Nose Wax: With a nose wax, the hairs in your nose are removed so that they no longer stick out.
  • Chin Wax: Whether you have dark hair or small down hair, with our chin wax we remove the hairs on your chin in no time.
  • Cheek/Jawline Wax: The same goes for the cheeks and jawline. With our cheek wax, those pesky hairs on your cheeks are a thing of the past. The Jawline Wax is about waxing your jawline.

Removing your facial hair as a woman can therefore consist of various treatments. If you want to wax multiple places on your face, you can also choose from two combi packages. Whether you want to touch up your eyebrows or wax your upper lip, at The Wax Bar you have come to the right place for removing all your facial hair.

Curious about all our treatments? View our treatments and packages here.

Remove facial hair man

There are also several ways for men to touch up or even completely remove their facial hair. We can wax all areas on the face except for the beard and skull. Men can therefore come to us for waxing their eyebrows, ears and nose. Waxing these spots also gives men a well-groomed look and is therefore not only for women. By waxing you take all the spots with you, as opposed to trimming or shaving these spots. Waxing is done with extreme precision so that the result is not only better than shaving but also lasts longer. By removing your facial hair with wax you can enjoy the result much longer. Want to know more about waxing for men? Read more about it here.

Man or woman, removing your facial hair has its benefits for everyone. Whether you want to quickly update those spots at your eyebrows or go for a full package, a wax treatment it's arranged in no time.

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