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Is waxing also for men?


Waxing for men? Yes, of course! Male models and athletes do it all. At least 40% of our customers are male and every one of them does not want to remove hair in any other way. Waxing also offers many benefits according to our male customers.


At The Wax Bar, we regularly receive cyclists, swimmers and lovers of other sports. Waxing can offer you many benefits as an athlete. By removing body hair, a swimmer will have less resistance in the water, allowing him to move more smoothly. Almost all cyclists wax their legs these days. This is for two reasons. The first reason is that smooth legs are much easier to massage than hairy legs. A second reason is to prevent infections in falls. Hair ensures that dirt and bacteria remain so that wounds become infected faster. Smooth legs thus prevent infections and inflammations. This applies to all sports where a fall can cause wounds on the skin. In addition, muscles in athletes (and non-athletes) can be seen much better when they are not hidden under a layer of hair.

Hygiene and Perspiration

Both women and men suffer from perspiration. You lose about half a litre of sweat per day through your pubic area and your armpits alone. Normally, this sweat just evaporates on your body. However, this is not the case in the hairy areas of the body. The sweat lingers in the hair and on the skin. This makes it a greenhouse of bacteria and a strong perspiration odour is created more quickly. Because men often sweat more than women, it is extra effective for them to have the hair removed in certain places using waxing. The Wax Bar gives men a hygienic and well-groomed feeling and ensures that you don't have to worry about your perspiration and any associated odour.

Smaller treatments

In addition to waxing the larger body parts, such as the back, chest and legs, The Wax Bar also offers smaller treatments for men. Examples include waxing the nose and ears. Many men use a trimmer to remove the hair in these areas, but waxing offers a good alternative. The hair stays away longer than with trimming or cutting and the Wax Technician can see exactly where the hair is growing. This often removes the hair better than if you do this yourself.

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