Depilation of the pubic area is a regularly recurring activity for many women. A wax treatment ensures that the pubic area is freed of hair for at least two weeks. The skin becomes soft and you experience an ultimate fresh feeling. For a real finishing touch after waxing the mound of Venus, a Vajazzling treatment is the trend of the moment. We can hear you thinking: “Uhhh, a Vajazzling treatment, what is that? Tell me more!”.

The origin of the term Vajazzling

We can well imagine that the term Vajazzling does not ring many bells with you. However, the word Vajazzling is already a decade old. During an American talk show in 2010, Jennifer Love Hewitt spoke about the Vajazzlen of the Vajayjay.

What is Vajazzling?

Okay, so there was talk about Vajazzling the Vajayjay, but what exactly is Vajazzling? The word Vajazzle is a combination of 'vagina' and 'bedazzle', which means to enchant. In other words: Vajazzling is enchanting/decorating your pubic area. This is done by sticking a design of decorative stones on the pubic area. The decorations should then remain in place for about a week, after which the stones fall off on their own.

Decorating the mound of Venus with crystals and coloured stones is especially popular during the holiday season. Bedazzle your Vajayjay for the Christmas season with a matching Christmas-like motif or surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day with a blinged mound of Venus. With a Vajazzling treatment, you excel down under and give your self-confidence a boost.

Not all gold glitters: the disadvantages

However, there are also some drawbacks associated with Vajazzling. For example, the stones should remain in place for a week, while in practice they often come off after two days. Furthermore, wearing tight clothing is not always pleasant in combination with a Vajazzlde pubic area and the stones can cause inflammation down under.

Brazilian wax for your vajazlling treatment

If despite the disadvantages, you still want to have your pubic area Vajazllen, a Brazilian wax is a must. As a result, the hairs stay away for at least 2 weeks, so that the crystals come into their own and stick. A day after a shave you often see hairs again, so the stones don't stay in place as well.

Make an appointment for a Brazilian wax!

Have you become enthusiastic about vajzazlling your Vajayjay? Then make sure you are prepared and make an appointment for a Brazilian wax treatment.

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