What is your bikini line?

The bikini line is the transition from the inside of the groin to the skin covered by your bikini bottom or slip. Many ladies have the bikini line waxed so that no hairs are visible along the bottom of the bikini, slip or bathing suit. In this article, our Wax Technicians tell you more about bikini line hair removal and the benefits of a bikini line wax treatment.

How can I remove hair from my bikini line?

Would you like to remove hair from your bikini line? There are several ways you can do this. For example, shaving and waxing are the most commonly used ways to remove hair from the bikini line. You will undoubtedly wonder how this works and what the pros and cons are.

Shave bikini line

You can easily remove hair from the bikini line yourself with a razor. However, it regularly happens that this causes red bumps in the bikini area. Not very charming when you walk on the beach in your bikini in the summer. The hairs also come back very quickly after a shave; in many cases, you can get back to work with the razor the next day. Our Wax Technicians, therefore, recommend removing hair from the bikini line with warm wax.

Bikini line hair removal with wax

The advantage of depilating the bikini line with warm wax is that you do not have to deal with the disadvantages of shaving the bikini line. In other words: a wax treatment of the bikini line ensures completely smooth skin without red bumps or ingrown hairs and the hairs stay away longer. A common question: does waxing hurt? This is an understandable question. You can imagine that pulling out hair does not feel too pleasant. The advantage is that it happens quickly and that the pain is therefore kept to a minimum. In addition, wax is a lot more skin-friendly than resin. Unlike resin, the wax only sticks to the hair and not to the skin. This ensures that it will hurt as little as possible. After waxing the bikini line, you can enjoy a completely hair-free bikini line for +/- 2 weeks. Another advantage of bikini wax is that the hairs come back softer than after shaving.

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