Waxing when you are pregnant? It's possible!

Of course, your pregnancy is an exciting time and you are mentally and physically looking forward to the birth. At The Wax Bar, we are proud that we have already been able to help many women to go into that time with just that little bit of extra confidence.

Waxing during pregnancy

You also want to feel completely cared for during your pregnancy, we understand that very well. Lucky you, because during the pregnancy months you can just get waxed! At The Wax Bar we use Supreme Wax. This hot wax has been specially developed for every skin type and burdens the skin much less than strip wax. That's great during the pregnancy months, after all, then you already have enough other ailments to deal with.

No hassle with razor blades

Especially during the last months of your pregnancy, shaving the legs and bikini line becomes increasingly difficult. Waxing is then a good solution. Surrender to our Wax Technician and then enjoy completely smooth skin for at least two weeks. The hairs also come back much softer and you are less bothered by red bumps and irritations.

Waxing after pregnancy

Even if you want to slowly get back to 'the old' during your leave after the birth of your baby, it can be nice to start your regular wax treatment again. Let us know when you are ready for your regular wax treatments (again). Before you go on maternity leave, you can receive a card from your Wax Technician, which gives you a discount on your first treatment after the birth of your baby.

Enjoy the pregnancy and hopefully see you soon!

Much admiration for all mothers -x- The Wax Bar