Full Leg + Male Brazilian Wax

Full Leg + Male Brazilian Wax

Full Leg  + Male Brazilian Wax

For example, are you a cyclist or a swimmer or maybe you would like smooth legs and pubic area as a man? This package can offer you a solution. At The Wax Bar, we wax all your hair in one treatment and you don't have to pay any attention to it yourself. Our Wax Technicians will help you achieve smooth, clean and hairless skin. In addition, they provide a safe feeling during this treatment.

What is a Full Leg  + Male Brazilian Wax?

With this package, we wax your entire legs and your pubic area. We also take your buttocks with us. This package is a favourite with our male customers and athletes and by booking this treatment as packages and not as separate treatments, you also benefit from an advantage.

Why Full Leg  + Male Brazilian Wax?

After a wax treatment, your hair will stay away for at least two weeks. You can reschedule this package after four to six weeks. A package of treatments can be pleasant for you, because, unlike shaving and waxing your body, you will suffer much less from red bumps and irritated skin. After a treatment, take good care of your body with our care products, such as an Aleppo Cube or Dry Oil and enjoy an optimal wax result.