Lower Arm Wax

Lower arm waxing

Hair on your forearms is entirely normal. In the summer, when you wear short sleeves, these hairs become visible. Not everyone is equally pleased with them, which can lead to feelings of insecurity. Visit The Wax Bar! In a quick treatment, we ensure that your hair, from your elbow to your wrists, is entirely hair-free, clean, and smooth.

Strip Wax or Hot Wax 

If you have experience with waxing forearms, don't be mistaken because waxing is not the same as waxing. When you get your arms waxed at The Wax Bar, you'll notice that this treatment is considerably less painful. This is because the wax adheres only to the hair, while wax clings to the skin.

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Benefits of waxing forearms

In comparison to shaving your forearms, waxing your forearms has numerous benefits. Let's list them for you:

  1. Hair stays away longer as it's pulled out from the root.
  2. You get softer skin without stubble.
  3. No more ingrown hairs and razor cuts.
  4. Over time, fewer hairs grow back.

Lower arm wax at The Wax Bar

At The Wax Bar, we work with professionally trained Wax Technicians, ensuring that your forearm hair removal treatment is as pleasant as possible. With a total of five locations, there's always one near you.