Male Brazilian Wax

Male Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax for men and women

With a Brazilian Wax, a more intimate part of your body is waxed, namely the pubic area. Waxing the more intimate areas is becoming increasingly popular as a hair removal method and we notice that at The Wax Bar. The Brazilian Wax is our most frequently performed treatment in The Wax Bar. This treatment is very popular with both women and men because it gives a super smooth and well-groomed feeling. Our Wax Technicians ensure that you undergo the treatment with a pleasant feeling.

Is a Brazilian Wax painful?

The Male Brazilian Wax is regularly seen as a painful treatment, but we can tell you that it is not that bad! A wax treatment is often compared to waxing the body. However, a wax treatment is much less painful, because the wax does not adhere to the skin. Due to the professionalism and the unique Hot Wax, which The Wax Bar uses for the Male Brazilian Wax, this treatment is much less painful.

Brazilian Wax at The Wax Bar

Nervous about booking a Male Brazilian Wax? Do not worry. We make sure that you feel completely at ease and we make the treatment as painless as possible. Make an appointment quickly at one of our branches.

First time

Are you coming to do a Male Brazilian Wax for the first time at The Wax Bar and do you find it a bit exciting? Then book a Male Brazilian First Time. We will then book in some extra time. This allows us to put you at ease and explain to you what we are going to do. And don't worry: at The Wax Bar, you are in good hands!