Coconut Balm Care

Coconut Balm Care | €14,50

During the first few days of the wax treatment, the skin is more sensitive and deserves extra good. That's why our Coconut Balm Care is one of the most sought-after products among our customers. The product has an antibacterial effect and protection against external influences. In addition, Coconut Balm Care is anti-inflammatory and contributes to the skin's recovery.

The Coconut Balm Care consists of 100% natural ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and E. In addition, the Coconut Balm Care with the substance squalene is consistently counteracted and your skin continues to look younger.

You can use our Coconut Balm Care for the whole body, your face, and your hair. This product is fantastic. In addition, it is for every skin type and you can use the product every day as a moisturizer.

An important tip is to always remove the product from the jar with a clean spatula so that the balm remains clean. The product is economical to use. You can apply it very thinly, you can do it for a long time with one pot. No splash? Request one from our Wax Technicians.

To buy this product you can contact our customer support, or walk into one of our branches with questions about the product after your treatment. Our Wax Technicians are happy to inform you about the received product!

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