Hammam Scrubhandschoen

Hammam Scrubhandschoen | €3,50

To apply the Face & Body Scrub, you can use the Scrub Glove, which guarantees you super soft and radiant skin. In addition, our exfoliating glove can also be used without a product. When wet, the scrub glove can feel a little softer on the skin, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Dry, the scrub glove is coarser and harder and perfect for thicker skin. The scrub glove can be used for all skin types.

The scrub glove can ensure that aged skin cells, impurities and excess oil disappear faster, leaving super soft skin. For best results, make circular movements on the skin. Take care of the skin afterwards with, for example, our Coconut Balm Care.

To buy this product, you can contact our customer support, walk into one of our branches or ask about the product after your treatment. Our Wax Technicians are happy to inform you about the product in question!