Wax To Go

Wax To Go Strips | €12,50

Are you unable to come and wax but do you still want smooth skin? Then our Wax To Go Strips can offer you a solution. One box contains 15 wax strips, with which you can remove your hair at any time and at any location. The strips can be used by warming them between the hands. You can then pull the strips apart, leaving you with two strips. Then press the strip on the area where you want to remove the hair and rub it with your hand in the direction of the hair growth. By pulling the skin tight afterwards, you can remove the strip in one quick movement. You remove it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat this process until the entire body part is hair-free.


After using the strips, it is important to take good care of the skin with a cotton ball and (preferably) the Dry Oil. Do not use water, soap or alcohol-containing products. The strips can also be cut so that smaller areas can also be made hair-free.