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Smooth legs in 35 minutes? That's how you do that!

Silky and smooth legs; that's what we all want, right? There are many methods and techniques to achieve this. Waxing your legs is one of them. At The Wax Bar, we provide super smooth and soft legs in 35 minutes. How? We are happy to explain that!

Smooth legs by waxing

Waxing the legs or other body parts has many advantages compared to other hair removal methods. Waxing is one of the most natural ways of hair removal and you no longer suffer from stubble and skin irritations. Another reason to opt for a wax treatment is that the hair stays away longer. This way you can enjoy smooth legs for about two weeks after a wax. Ideal for the summer months or that sunny holiday!

Before your smooth legs treatment

Would you like to have your legs waxed at The Wax Bar? Before your "smooth leg treatment" is on schedule, let your hair grow for two to three weeks. This allows you to get the best out of the treatment and we can ensure that your legs are nice and smooth. We also recommend that you lightly scrub your legs before waxing, so that the hairs can be removed more easily.

After your smooth legs treatment

We recommend that you keep the skin on your legs clean for about one or two days after the treatment and that you do not wear tight pants or tights. This creates heat and friction on the skin, which can lead to irritation. Three days after the treatment you can exfoliate the skin so that your legs become super smooth and silky soft. After exfoliating your legs, use our After-Wax Caring Products as a finishing touch.

Smooth legs in 35 minutes?

Make an appointment now at a Wax Bar near you. You can schedule your appointment directly in our online agenda. Will we see you soon?