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Hollywood waxing: tell me more!

What is Hollywood waxing?

With Hollywood Waxing or a Hollywood Wax treatment, the entire pubic area is waxed. From the front of the venus mound to the middle and the back, the pubic area is depilated. The hairs between the buttocks are also included. This wax method is becoming increasingly popular and, as the name suggests, has come over from America. We also offer this treatment for men. In our menu we call the treatment Male Brazilian Wax, the women can schedule a Brazilian Wax with us.

Difference between Hollywood waxing and a Brazilian wax

A Hollywood wax can be compared to a Brazilian wax. The difference between Hollywood waxing and Brazilian wax is that with Hollywood wax all hairs in the pubic area are always removed. With a Brazilian wax, the choice can also be made to leave a line of hair on the mound of Venus. Always indicate with your treatment if you want to leave a line, then our Wax Technicians will take this into account. So when someone chooses to remove everything during a Brazilian wax, we can also speak of a Hollywood wax.

Hollywood wax tips

Our tips for a Hollywood wax treatment are a little different from our general tips. We summarize the most important tips for you:

  • Allow the hairs to grow for two to three weeks before the treatment.
  • Prepare your skin for the Hollywood wax by exfoliating the skin for a few days before waxing.
  • Up to 48 hours after waxing we advise keeping the skin clean and avoiding heat and friction as much as possible.
  • Three days later, you can exfoliate your skin two to three days a week to remove dead skin cells.

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