Do you suffer from excessive hair as a woman?

The Wax Bar helps! Nothing is more annoying than having excessive hair. It can make you insecure and make you feel less comfortable in your own body. Waxing is then a solution. Because a wax treatment is suitable for almost all places on the skin, it is a good way to remove excess hair.

What is excess hair?

Excess hair, also called hypertrichosis, is excessive hair growth in places where you already have hair naturally. For example, think of hairs on the face, long hair on the arms and legs and hair on the stomach or in the groin.

With excessive hair, dark hairs appear in these places instead of down hairs. Also, the hair growth in excess hair is often more than normal hair growth. This can make excessive hair, for women and men, undesirable and make you less comfortable in your skin.

Waxing against excessive hair

Men and women can combat excessive hair in various ways. Waxing the hair is one of the solutions. With a wax treatment, you can remove the excess hair and thus reduce the excess hair. Waxing has many benefits. For example, it is one of the most natural ways of removing hair, you no longer suffer from hard stubble and skin irritations, hairs stay away for up to 2 weeks and they come back much softer and to a lesser extent. In other words: a very suitable way to combat excessive hair growth in women and men.

Wax offer from The Wax Bar

The Wax Bar offers various treatments and packages for this. This way you can put together exactly the wax treatment you need. Do you suffer from excessive facial hair? Then the Like A Baby package is an excellent choice. We also have a special package for waxing the entire body (I Am Not A Bear).

View our treatments and packages for the offer and immediately make a reservation at one of our locations.

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