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Pubic hair waxing

Waxing the pubic area or bikini line is a popular waxing treatment at The Wax Bar. Especially in the run-up to the summer holidays and during this summer vacation, many women and men want to have their pubic hair waxed. By having your pubic hair waxed, you also have a few weeks free during your holiday (and outside your holiday) from removing the hairs around your pubic area. Delicious isn't it? A smooth bikini line and pubic area without making any effort?

Remove pubic hair

You can remove your pubic hair in various ways such as shaving, using wax strips and hot waxing. A disadvantage of shaving your pubic hair is that the hairs grow back quickly. Shaving pubic hair also often causes redness and irritation. Fortunately, The Wax Bar has a good solution for these 'problems': get your pubic hair waxed! By waxing your pubic hair you are freed from the hairs quickly and for a longer period. An additional advantage is that when your pubic hair grows back, the stubble is less hard and you have much less trouble with ingrown hairs. In our menu, you can find the treatment to wax pubic hair under the name Brazilian wax or male Brazilian wax. If you don't want to have everything removed, the bikini wax might be something for you.

Strip Wax or Hot Wax

“Won't waxing the pubic area hurt a lot?” Oh, no! That all fits very well. Another story is having the pubic area waxed with the use of wax strips. The difference between using wax strips and hot waxing is that wax adheres to the pubic hair and the skin of the pubic area. This also puts stress on the sensitive skin of your pubic area while strip waxing your pubic hair. This is not the case when hot waxing your pubic hair: the hot wax only clamps itself around the hair. This makes waxing a lot less painful and the skin of your pubic hair is less stressed.

Pubic hair waxing at The Wax Bar

We do not recommend getting started with waxing your pubic hair yourself. The skin of your pubic area is very sensitive. It can also be very dangerous if your pubic hair is not waxed properly. Therefore, opt for an optimal result and have a Brazilian Wax done by a professional. The Wax Bar can be found in various places in the Netherlands, so you don't have to make a long trip for a pleasant wax treatment.

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