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The Wax Bar Supreme Wax

Of course, we think that everyone should believe in hair removal. The great feeling of experiencing sexy and smooth skin, but the memory of your last alternative hair removal makes you reach for the razor again. We thought that this had to be done differently. That is why we have made it our mission to give people self-confidence through hair removal. We want to take away the fear of pain and ensure that waxing is accessible to everyone. After 1.5 years of careful development on our The Wax Bar Supreme Wax, we have found the perfect formula. This formula makes it possible to wax the entire body less painfully and with a better result. In addition, the wax is for every hair and skin type and is completely hypoallergenic.

Threshold to wax

In addition to pain, we notice that shame forms a second barrier to making the step to The Wax Bar. For treatment, the hair has to grow, which makes people feel uncomfortable and unattractive. In addition, it is difficult for many to enter the Wax Technician because they may be ashamed. Especially when it comes to a Brazilian Wax or a Male Brazilian Wax. We believe that hair growth in different parts of the body is normal. Shame does not have to be a reason for us why people should not undergo wax treatment and that is why we would like to take that shame away. Our Wax Technicians make sure that you feel ready during the treatment. And men don't have to be ashamed either, because 40% of our customer base is male. Men also feel comfortable with us that they keep coming back after the first wax treatment. There is no greater compliment.

So if you want to be smooth, you will have to suffer a little pain, but as little as possible and in a comfortable, pleasant environment.

Why Supreme Wax?

Until 2016 we worked with strip wax, but we thought it was time for something new. With leading and specialized Wax Technicians, we are always looking for ways to wax you even better, faster and less painful and with an even better result.

Our Supreme Wax is the only hot wax on the market that can be used on any body part and, thanks to unique ingredients, provides a significantly less painful wax treatment and a soft peach skin that lasts for at least four weeks.

The benefits of The Wax Bar Supreme Wax

  • It is a unique hot wax, which has been specially developed to be successful on every skin type, including sensitive and allergic skin;
  • This special stripless hot wax only clings to the hair, not to the skin;
  • The wax takes smaller hairs from 3mm. easy with;
  • The added Calendula enriches the wax with a caring effect and
  • Another ingredient is ginseng oil, which is known for its nourishing and skin-restoring effect.
  • We are very proud of our Supreme Wax. The most important thing is how you experience our Wax. Are you coming to try it soon?

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