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Why should I wax?

Waxing is one of the best ways to remove body hair and offers many advantages over other methods. Our Supreme Wax makes waxing possible for everyone. It is also one of the most natural ways to remove hair. You no longer suffer from hard stubble, skin irritations and hair ingrowth and the hairs stay away much longer. What advantages does waxing offer over other methods?

Waxing VS shaving

Although we notice that waxing is being done by more and more people, shaving is still one of the well-known ways to remove unwanted hair. Almost everyone has used a razor at some point, with varying results. Frequent use of a razor often causes irritation and damage to the skin. Apart from the fact that it is not the best for the skin itself, in some cases, it can also leave painful and unsightly spots. Waxing offers a good solution to prevent these irritations and wounds. Because the hairs are pulled out of the skin professionally, the skin is burdened as little as possible. In addition, our special Supreme Wax only adheres to the hairs themselves, so that there is no extra pulling on the skin when the hairs are removed.

Waxing provides smoother skin for a longer period. When shaving, the hairs grow back thicker, stiffer and faster, because these are bluntly cut by the razor blade. The hairs grow back super fast after a shave, so you can often start again within a day. Because waxing removes the entire hair including the root, the hairs stay away much longer (about two weeks) and they come back a lot softer and thinner.

Waxing VS depilatory cream

Waxing is not only less time-consuming but also less harmful to the skin than using depilatory cream. The Wax Bar has a unique wax that contains almost no harmful substances. This is a different story with depilatory creams. These creams often have a chemical composition and can cause allergic reactions, burning of the skin and painful blisters. At The Wax Bar, we have a wax that is suitable for every skin type, so there is a very small chance of skin damage. Our professional Wax Technicians also know exactly how to treat your skin type to achieve the best result, so that you walk out the door with radiant skin.

Waxing VS IPL/laser

Waxing has not been a trend for very long in the Netherlands. However, there is already a newer method: lasering. Laser treatment is a method of hair removal in which sharp flashes of light conduct heat through the hair shaft to the hair follicle, to destroy it. Unlike waxing, an optimal result strongly depends on the hair colour and hair type and is therefore not suitable for everyone. Moreover, as with all new methods, the technology regarding IPL and laser is not yet fully developed. This means that the treatment carries a certain risk. Finally, these treatments are often expensive, time-consuming, and do not guarantee permanently smooth and hairless skin. Do you want to make sure that your skin is not affected? Then choose the more natural method: Waxing.

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