What is a boyzilian wax?

How does a boyzilian work?

A boyzilian or a boyzilian wax is a Brazilian wax for men. Men who opt for a boyzilian wax treatment have the entire pubic area depilated. When depilating the male pubic area, all hairs from the penis, scrotum, buttock, groin, anus and pubic bone are removed accurately and professionally. Take a look between our treatments and book a boyzilian!

Before our Wax Technician starts a boyzilian wax treatment, it is clearly explained what will happen so that you are not faced with surprises. After you have freshened up and changed in the dressing room, the Wax Technician will explain step by step how the treatment works. On average, a boyzilian treatment at The Wax Bar takes 20 minutes. Although the boyzilian waxing will be a bit awkward the first time, you will soon find that you feel at ease during a waxing treatment. Drink a cup of coffee after the treatment and make a new appointment!

Is waxing common for men?

Nowadays, more and more men have their pubic area depilated with warm wax. For example, no less than 40% of the customers of The Wax Bar are male! In addition to a boyzilian wax treatment, male customers often come to The Wax Bar for hair removal on the back, chest, shoulders and abdomen.

Besides a boyzilian and waxing the back, chest, shoulders and abdomen, waxing the legs is very popular among athletes. For example, the avid cyclist is less likely to get infections in a fall if the legs are depilated and smooth legs in a swimmer provide less resistance in the water. Sports massages are also experienced as more pleasant on smooth skin. Read more about our waxing treatments for men.

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