Bottom + Bottom Line Wax

Bottom + Bottom Line Wax

Bottom + Bottom Line Wax

Do you also find it so difficult to shave your buttocks and buttocks yourself and do you suffer from a rash and red bumps afterwards? By having a professional treatment done at The Wax Bar, you don't have to pay any attention to it yourself and you also have a nice smooth and fresh result.

What is a Bottom + Bottom Line Wax?

With a Bottom Wax and Bottom Line, we wax your entire buttocks and buttock seam. This is a great treatment for both men and women. A Bottom Wax and Bottom Line is one of our most booked treatments and is therefore also in our top 5. In addition, this package is perfect as preparation for your summer holiday. By not booking individual treatments, but by booking this package, you also benefit from an advantage.

Why a Bottom + Bottom Line Wax?

After a wax treatment, your hair stays away for about two weeks and grows back softer and thinner. After four to six weeks you can reschedule the Bottom Wax and Bottom Line. A package of treatments can be pleasant for you, because unlike shaving and waxing your body, you will suffer much less from red bumps and irritated skin. After a treatment, take good care of your body with our care products, such as an Aleppo Cube or Desert Date Dry Oil, and enjoy an optimal wax result.