Partial Back Wax

Partial Back Waxing

Want to get part of your back waxed?

Considering getting your back waxed, but find the whole back just a bit too much? At The Wax Bar we offer the option of only getting a partial back wax. You can choose between the top or bottom of your back. The advantage of partial back waxing is that you can still enjoy a silky smooth back for several weeks. Our experienced Wax Technicians will ensure that all unwanted hair is carefully removed, leaving you with a smooth and groomed appearance.

Back waxing men

Having back hair waxed is a common and effective method for men to remove unwanted hair. In addition to being effective at removing unwanted hair, waxing also keeps your back looking even longer by removing hair from the root. This is because wax adheres to the hairs, whereas resin also adheres to the skin. Because of this, treatments at The Wax Bar are many times less painful than an old-fashioned wax treatment.

Partial back waxing at The Wax Bar

At The Wax Bar, we work exclusively with professionally trained Wax Technicians who will ensure that your back hair waxing is as comfortable as possible. Whether you choose to wax the top or bottom of your back, our experts will ensure a skilled and enjoyable experience. With five branches spread across several locations, there is always a The Wax Bar nearby to meet your waxing needs