Face & Body Scrub

Face & Body Scrub | €17,00

It is important to exfoliate three days after waxing. We recommend using the scrub on body and face at least once a week (not too close to the eyes). This can be done in combination with the use of a Hammam Scrub Glove. You can also use this scrub glove without the scrub, both in the shower and when dry.

Our Face & Body Scrub consists of water, olive oil, olive seed, green clay, grapefruit and citrus. The scrub particles are made from the seeds inside olive kernels, so they are not harmful to your skin and the environment. The green clay thoroughly cleanses the skin and provides an antibacterial effect.

This scrub gives you even, fresh skin. The dead skin cells are removed and the development of new skin cells is stimulated. This also equalizes impurities. The olive oil keeps the skin hydrated, supple and soft. The grapefruit and citrus have a high vitamin C content which keeps the skin clean and fresh.

After exfoliating, it is always important to moisturize the skin well. The olive oil in the scrub already helps with this, but for optimal care, you also use a good moisturizer such as our Coconut Balm Care.

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