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First time waxing

You may also remove your unwanted hair with a razor. This often causes annoying red irritations on the skin. Depilatory creams and wax strips are also commonly used. But why not step out of your comfort zone and get it professionally waxed? It can of course be exciting to take the step, but as soon as you step through the door of The Wax Bar, that feeling disappears. Inside you can grab a drink and quietly wait for your turn. You will be guided through the entire treatment by one of our Wax Technicians, put at ease and informed about what will happen and how you can best care for the skin after the treatment.

It is important to know that your hair must be at least 0.5 cm long to be able to wax, which is about the length of a dry grain of rice. To achieve this, you need to let your hair grow for two to three weeks and not shave, trim or epilate. After the first wax treatment, you can expect hair back a little faster. By shaving, your hairs end up in different growth phases compared to each other. This means that one hair starts growing earlier than the other. By waxing regularly (and not shaving in between), the hairs come into the same growth phase after each treatment and they stay away a little longer. The hairs also grow back softer and thinner than before. Enough reasons to give it a try!

Recently Demi came to visit us for her first wax treatment. Are you curious about how such a wax treatment works? Watch her vlog below to hear about her first experience at The Wax Bar.

“I'm going to get waxed, but I've never done this before!”

Vlogster Demi van Beijnen had her legs waxed at our location in Breda. In the vlog, she takes you to her appointment and shares her experiences with you. Demi: “I'm going to get my legs waxed today and I'm really curious because I've never done this before! So I don't know if it hurts or not; I really don't know what I'm going to feel!"

“It was super cosy, really great fun. So that numbed the pain a bit too. In six weeks I made another appointment for my legs. This Saturday I'm going for a Brazilian wax and I hope this won't hurt too much. I think waxing is an ideal solution: your hair stays away for a long time and in some places, it doesn't come back at all. I do have to be consistent with making an appointment so that I keep going back for a new wax treatment.” Demi closes her vlog with the words: "Now I'm going to feel how soft they are on my legs for three hours!"

Make an appointment for your first wax treatment!

Want to know more about waxing for the first time? Please contact Customer Support via 085-0403607. We are happy to help you with the preparations for your first wax treatment. You can also reach us for advice and more information about our working method, our wax treatments, or to make an appointment! Are you putting away your razor blades and are you coming to see how you like waxing for the first time? Make your first appointment quickly via the website or call 085-0403607!

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